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Hotel Reservation Software IMS Voyager® – Guests and Hoteliers Connected On-Line™

Hotel Reservation Software that allows you to take control of your rates, improve profitability and break your dependence on third-party hotel reservation web sites by creating more direct sales with our highly effective online Hotel Portal Reservation Software.

Take Bookings Online 24/7

Voyager Hotel Reservation Software is designed to manage all types of bookings with its integrated Internet Booking Engine, whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients.

Its powerful online portal reservation, marketing & merchandising features greatly expands your websites capabilities far beyond any other standard “regular’ or ‘hosted’  booking engine solution!

Sell your hotels reservations online and from your call center with a single-inventory database for optimized prices and accurate availability. And of course, it has an XML API options that allows integration to third party systems or websites.

A perfect hotel portal reservation software for small, mid-sized to large chain travel companies and resorts, who by powering their websites with this state-of-the-art portalreservation software will capture maximum online direct revenue.

Plus, it can also function as either a separate dynamically driven reservation and booking website or a powerful addition to your current website.

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Staff & Kiosks


The Sales Staff (Call Center) Desk allows the website owner to utilize internal Sales Staff or inbound/outbound Call Center staff or Kiosk based staff to book or make reservations on behalf of a client. The Sales Staff can create a new customer or third party profile or use a clients existing customer profile from the IMS Voyager database.

This allows your Sales Staff to take orders by telephone, a kiosk, fax or email and enter them directly into IMS Voyager via their browser to create reservations, print tickets (or book tours using the clients profile selected from the client list.

Make sales immediately – without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your reservations staff. Take control of  reservations made through your website not only with Internet Users but also with travel agents and corporate clients around the world.

This powerful reservation software with it’s marketing & merchandising features give you the ability to control allotments, rate management efficiency, commissions payable, multiple seasons, distributing last minute rates and so much more.

There is NO third party involvement. You collect all guest payments. You control your room rates and availability.

Add the Shuttle Bus or Limo module option which allows you to fully integrate a Hotel to Airport Service Online.

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Travel Agents & Partners

With the Voyager Hotel reservation module  have a fully integrated system that allows you to set up a variety of commission and payment related access points for your travel agents and third-party resellers of your products.

The Travel Agent Reservation System component in each module will enhance efficiency in keeping rate contracting / allotments updated in real-time.

Each travel agent or reseller is provided with their unique username and password and once logged in this username password defines their account, its products, commissions and credit limits, etc.

For your larger travel agents or travel agent companies you are able to establish credit limits and payment schemes which also allow these companies to assign their own internal or third-party travel agents with their unique username passwords who are then able to utilize the total credit limit for that travel agent company.

Each travel agent can be assigned a username and password to access their contracted rates/discounts directly from your website.

It means you can offer travel agents a wide selection of hotels, tours, transit and rental products at their commissionable rate on a single checkout.


Power Features

Most hotel reservation softwares only allow you to take bookings online

The Voyager system is a complete reservation and merchandising system that fully integrates not only the booking and payment process, but also ALL the other components you need to successfully market online and all managed from a single back-end administration.

Besides, its sophisticated inventory and pricing features optimizes profitability, for all kinds of hotel products – control allotments, rate management efficiency, commissions payable, multiple seasons, distributing last minute rates, dynamically packaged elements, and custom-built itineraries.

And of course, it has an XML API option that allows integration to third party systems or websites.

Create Dynamic Activity packages by adding the Tour module which gives administrators the ability to create packages containing rooms in hotels, tours, tickets and products and control available inventory.


  • Stand out from your online competitors! For your website promotions our hotel, tour and rental reservation software also includes these powerful integrated merchandising and marketing features as standard!.
  • The system will allow you to dynamically control most of your hotel website’s content without the need for an expensive web designer.
  • For your clients this portal reservation software also features: quick booking, registering on the site, rate management, obtaining discounts and credit card payment plus it includes many other powerful promotion and marketing features as standard.
  • Run your own mini-Expedia style website with IMS Enterprise Voyager, IMS Voyager Satellite and IMS RezTXfer Portlet as a completely web-based software solution.
  • With the RezTXfer portlet, client websites can dynamically retrieve data as needed, just as if there were a persistent server connection.
  • Also available integrated with all other modules.

Discover its powerful browser based online front-desk and administration, designed to be installed on your servers and we will integrate it seamlessly into either your existing or a new web site.

Reservation Rules Engine


IMS Voyager reservation software has an architecture that employs a business rule engine to establish the integration between a BPM (Business Process Management) and a BRM (Business Rules Management) platform that is based upon processes responding to events or examining business judgments that are defined by editable business rules.

At the same time, this comprehensive set of rules and templates deliver out-of-the-box support for many product features and business concepts.

The flexible rules-based booking engine can be configured to support virtually any type of reservation.

It comprises hundreds of editable and configurable rules as standard.

With NO commissions or monthly fees, IMS Voyager Hotel reservation software is designed to integrate into either your existing or a new web site and allows your visitors to enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability check at your website, instant purchase and auto-generated email confirmation.

Your sale or deposit is closed immediately without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your reservations team.

IMS Hotel Reservation Software is fully scalable and designed to provide extensive flexibility and varied choices. Compare with any other online Reservation Software on the market and see what features they are missing!

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