IMS HERMES eCommerce Gateway®

Connected eBusiness™

IMS HERMES eCommerce Gateway® and ChannelPartner® for Distribution Strategies

Give your Resellers and Dealers an easy-to-implement, full-featured electronic commerce solution for selling your goods and services direct from your website.

Allowing your dealers and distributors to sell and order online can significantly reduce costs plus it can demonstrate your product lines to millions of potential on-line buyers.

hermes ecommerce reseller gateway

Selling & Sharing Inventory!

HERMES consists of a IMScart ecommerce and Merchandising Gateway with web connected Channelpartners, (Remote eCommerce Storefronts) The software provides a complete net-based platform of business-to-business (B2B), dealer or reseller integration connectivity for small to medium-sized business, enterprises and e-marketplaces.

Take advantage of the Web, not only by selling from your own websites but by empowering your existing dealers/distributors’ websites, such as;

Our new platform is rich in features and does not require a web developer to maintain. This translates to a low barrier to entry, minimal maintenance and quick deployment.

  • Improved effectiveness in delivering timely/near real-time information to selling partners websites.
  • Enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a powerful XML RPC e-commerce solution.
  • Shortening order placement from resellers and tracking time from weeks to real-time.
  • Stronger partner and customer service.
  • Cutting partner ramp-up time, making it easier for partners to do business with you.
  • More efficient price quoting, description & quantity updating to all your resellers in real-time.
  • Build your e-business system for a fraction of the cost of developing it internally.

Our experts can also provide custom programming for needed niche features.

Companies using channel management strategies and technology are turning these distribution networks into a competitive advantage by making it easier for partners to work productively with them.

Depending upon the industry, between 30 percent and 70 percent of all sales worldwide flow through channels, allowing businesses to lower costs, expand more aggressively into new markets and offer more valuable solutions to customers.

Reinvent your value propositions, work outside traditional pricing and profit margins and offer customers complete access to your prices and product information. 

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