Active Seat Maps, Graphical Seat Selection

Active Seat maps, Graphical Seat and Placement Selection Engine

Includes a Calendar Driven Multiple Placement Selection Engine or Active Seat Maps with a Layout Graphical User Interface

This provides a powerful color-coded graphical seating or placement display (using customer provided graphical layouts) with easy mouse or keyboard-driven placement selection available for Voyager hotel, tour, rental and ticketing software.

For more precise seat or placement selection the module makes use of intuitive mouse movement and click over a graphics oriented seating or other chart graphic in order to provide a simple, and easy-to-use mechanism for selecting seats, hotel rooms or other placement and taking reservations or selling tickets online.

Tier released seating: To meet the needs of all customer types (residents, tourists, and commercial vehicles) on ferry and bus routes, IMS reservation software has the capability to set up Tiered releases of seating and space availability.

Releasing the reservation space in multiple tiers provides equal access to reservation space for customers who plan far in advance and those who make travel plans closer to the sailing date.

Easy for Admin to control and set up. Also, easy for clients to book and make reservations.

Active maps are maps of your property or equipment that you can click on to make a reservation.

The map allows you to easily view the availability of each unit indicated by status color (red or green, etc).

You can do practically everything that you can do from the grid right from the map – make a booking, group bookings, search for availability by specific dates.

The graphical nature of the map makes it easier for your staff to understand the physical layout of your business.

We integrate your seating graphics into the ‘Selection engine’ software.

Active maps are maps of your property or equipment that you can click on to make a reservation.

Graphic elements provided by a customer can be integrated into an easy to read graphical view of the hotel, venue, seating layout, etc., along with a quick view of available inventory by date, placement, price tier, and inventory type.

Information is presented graphically, which can be taken through to single seat, marina docking space, campground, hotel room (floor/view maps), etc, selection for sale and integration.

Users have access to an enormous amount of information thus, allowing fast, efficient client service, such as,

Provide graphical seat selection by displaying a graphical representation of the boat or aircraft cabin and the free/reserved seats.

-Use a dynamic, graphical seat map to choose campground location.
-Provide space selection for Ferry and Boat decks
-Integrate customer-specific arena or venue layouts as the graphical user interface to your Voyager software.
-Guestroom selection feature, which is similar to the seat selection functionality offered by airline kiosks, and will let guests to visually choose a hotel room of their liking from a graphical map of your hotel.
-Graphical representation of your “house map” or seating plan.

The result is an inviting, interactive seat or placement purchasing process that readily supports an advanced customer service experience.

The capability for active seat or placement selection and integrated seat/place view graphic links support our customers’ efforts to make it as easy as possible for people to make that reservation.

Dynamic Seat or Place Mapping Module

Seat or place quota fixation & adjustment software is used to aid fixation and adjustment/modifying various train/ station/mode of ticket issuing etc. It can re-fix, in demand response operations.

The seat quota fixation & adjustment system is capable of dynamic planning and capable of optimizing thousands of seats or place allocations and capable of automatic seat distribution, dynamically rescheduling seat quota & allocation based on real-time events (if necessary).

It also interfaces via Admin so that any change in schedule or cancellations of events, tour equipment, etc., can be informed to the customers and required accounting and pricing functions are invoked.

Dynamic seat mapping works in a multi-layer fashion so that the central Seat quota fixation & adjustment is done by the central office and station Seat quota fixation & adjustment staff can modify the same and inform central system based on the local available resources and conditions.

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