imscargo freight reservation software

Freight Handling

Transit & Tour Freight Handling Features

NOW your sales agents and administrators will be able to set up a freight operation to make use of any spare cargo capacity your bus or ferry (even aircraft) will have to carry freight.

Working with freight contains the following steps:

1). Generate inventory.
Fields available to specify number of freight units on “Create Inventory” pages for tour/transit.

2). Create “Freight” product.
Fill Products > Add Product form and specify freight parameters. Trip = trip associated with this freight. Freight units = number of freight units for 1 product (see description below).

Set value for “In stock” field as large integer, eg. 1000000.

3). Front-end. Book “Freight” product.
“Freight” products are visible only for sales agents and administrators. You’ll need to select trip date/time and quantity. Total number of booked freight units = [quantity] * [value of “Freight units” field on product add form]

4). When you book freight product, SKU field contains trip name, date/time and number of booked freight units.

5). After booking, inventory for freight units will be changed. You can see inventory changes on “List Inventory” page. In case of order cancellation inventory for freight will be restored.

Also you can see report with information about freight handling total freight units/ booked freight units for each trip: Orders > Freight Report.

Mail Package Shipping

Mail Package Shipping Module

Earn additional revenue with the Mail Package Shipping feature on your tour, shuttle, ferry, bus or airlines service with Mail Package Shipping.

Basic Functionality:

– adds list of locations that will be used as origin/destinations;
– adds list of pick-up locations for those main locations;
– adds shipping costs as products with special parameters.


clicks on “ship with us” link;

  • must select: origin, destination, pick-up / drop-off locations, pick-up date/time, drop-off date/time, package dimensions and weight;
  • after clicking on “Calculate cost” button system shows list of available shipping methods and costs;
  • customer must select one method;
  • system adds all information about shipping in the shopping cart;
  • customer fills registration form and submits order;
  • customer receives mail with order confirmation;
  • copy of this mail will be also sent to website owner with barcode.

– scans the mail package shipping barcode before placing on the bus;
– as a result, order receives “Scanned” status.
– when package arrives to the destination, then administrator scans order barcode again – and order receives “Shipped” status.

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