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Freelance Project Work Available!

Who we’re looking for: We are currently looking for intermediate freelance PHP Developers to join our rapidly expanding development teams.

Required Skills, Disciplines, and Standards:

• Proficient in web development for Retail and E-commerce business, backend database support in various platforms, including MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.
• Database operations using MySQL administrator and Install and maintain PHP development environment.
• Strength in UX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Preferred Additional Assets
• PHP: JavaScript: 2 years, MySQL: 2 years
• Ruby on Rails, Python, Unix/Linux shell scripting
• Adhere to development KPI; Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code. Strong knowledge of general algorithms, design patterns and good coding practices.

• Online
• As available
• Hourly, based on experience
Job Type: Project
Salary: Negotiable by project /hour
• As above and Strength in UX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Preferred Additional Assets

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