Event Calendar

Automated Event Planner Calendar for Tour & Transit

Event calendar for single events, recurring events and floating events plus multiple categories, mouse-over display, etc.

Easy to navigate point and click interface allows visitors of your website to quickly know what Tour and/or Transit events are planned.

Its input is automated, making it a quick, efficient solution for displaying to your visitors, information related to specific times of the month and year.

Single events, recurring events and floating events:

Automatically adds all event from the Tour and/or Transit set -up as you add them.

Such as: flexible event types that occur on a specific date; events that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually; floating events, which occur on specific days etc.

Virtually unlimited user definable categories and colors to separate events:


Calendar display mode:

Text-on-Calendar Mode – A large calendar that displays the event titles directly on the calendar.

Create, maintain and assign multiple levels of categories and selections to events. Then, using the filter system, you can choose to selectively display categories such as Cruises, Shuttle, Kayak, Routes and any other category you should ever need.

Mouse-over and pop-up event details:

Hover the mouse pointer over an event and a pop-up will appear showing complete details about the event. The size, position, layout and options of the pop-ups are all customizable.

Rich event descriptions including font sizes/colors and images:

Easily customize colors, font sizes, calendar sizes and more by adjusting just one CSS file and have complete control over how the calendar looks and interacts with users!

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