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The Open Distribution Integrated Network – ‘ODIN’ Voyager Enterprise System, has been designed for all tourism and travel operators, suppliers, sales channels, reservation and distribution companies providing a range of communication and distribution features, to reduce advertising and distribution costs, increase reservations, financial returns and market coverage with cost effective solutions.

The next generation of internet based travel and tourism reservation and distribution systems, uses powerful ‘non proprietary’, multi-platform reservation & distribution software technology, offering powerful pre-built customizable functionality, delivering features, benefits and price performance, that allows them to out perform any other product of its type in the market place today.

 One Stop Travelers Choice™


Create more regional and global sales with the ODIN Enterprise Voyager OTA (Open Travel Association) Destination Management Reservation Software Portal.

A seamless technology platform that can help deliver a seamless travel experience to the customer!

It enables consumers to discover and book a diverse range of products, sourced from a multitude of suppliers including tours, hotels, shuttles, car hire companies, insurance, destination activities, events, transfers etc. all under the your destination brand.

cloud mult site

Multi-Brand, Multi-Site

Designed to simplify the process of organizing, building and maintaining an electronic storefront, eBusiness or multi-channel business model or as a cloud-based community model can actively allow collaborative co-operation between your resellers, suppliers and consumers.


IMS appreciate that your guests lead an active lifestyle, and this enhanced mobile capability will accommodate your on-the-go guests, making it easier for them to make a reservation anywhere, anytime from their mobile device. A single master catalog updates across multiple brands and sites making it possible to manage products easily from a single location.


It’s integrated, multi-vendor, multi-tenancy, single platform approach provides a seamless user experience for customers, across their entire online journey. It is a powerful portal system that enables vendors to distribute rates, products and inventory online and become part of a significant and powerful booking and reservation e-distribution centre.


Includes a BPM (Business Process Management) and a BRM (Business Rules Management) Rule engine that is configurable and supports rules, facts, priority (score), mutual exclusion, preconditions, and other functions to track, manage and revise your business processes.

multi channel reservation software


Online Contracting Rate Distribution – The advantages of ‘online contracting’ & ‘rate distribution’ in dealing with great numbers of travel agents and corporate clients allows a Hotel, Tour, Rental or Transit company, etc., to easily set rates and allotments in the system, at which point any approved travel agent will have access to view availability and make reservations right away.

OTA Reservation & Ticketing Portal Software Systems


ODIN Voyager, a cloud-based travel SAAS or on your Internet server installed system that brings multi-channel travel distribution, content, packaging, inventory, contracts and back-office operations on one single technology platform.


Enterprise Merchandising Gateway with web connected Channelpartners, (Remote Websites) The software provides a complete net-based platform of business-to-business (B2B), dealer or reseller integration connectivity for business, enterprises and e-marketplaces.


IMS Enterprise, the eBusiness solution for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who sell through distributors, channel or resellers to end users. It allows you to improve operational efficiency through increased collaboration with your trading partners in a vertically integrated, customer-centric multi-channel model.


Reinvent your value propositions, work outside traditional pricing and profit margins and offer customers complete access to your prices and product information. Allowing your dealers and distributors to sell and order online can significantly reduce costs plus it can demonstrate your product lines to millions of potential on-line buyers.

api development

API Development

IMS Voyager Communications Sub-Systems -The communications sub-systems allows an unlimited number of inventory owners to be managed from a single administrative back-end using and building using our XML API ‘s or third party API’s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications.


Allows you to easily control your website(s) reservation content without the need of third party support. Load your own supplier content including inventory, pricing, data and images, you can also manage general content such as destinations, specials/hot deals, user defined pages, etc.

API OTA’s (Open Travel Association)

Provide customized ‘web services’ with the ability to access information in the inventory for the given period (total number of seats, number of booked seats, number of available seats) information about hotels/rooms (hotel name, rating, image URLs, prices) also search for tours and transit data using keyword and destination codes.

– obtain information about hotels/rooms (hotel name, rating, image URLs, prices);
– get information about rooms availability for the given period with different parameters (price from-to, hotel rating, hotel name);
– insert inventory for rooms (add information about prices and availability);
– book room (update inventory).

You are able to obtain information from IMS Voyager Tour & Transit database in XML format;

– Perform remote booking using your own website or any other application;
– insert/update IMS Voyager Tour & Transit inventory;
– Obtain detailed information in XML format about tours and transit in the IMS Voyager Tour & Transit system .

IMS customers are able to build the IMS Voyager Booking Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications.

This can be set up for suppliers, vendors or resellers.

multi tenant reservation software

Multi-Tenant SaaS

Cloud is gaining popularity as means for saving cost of IT ownership and accelerating time to market due to ready-to-use, dynamically scalable computing infrastructure and software services offered on Cloud on pay-per-use basis. Design of software solutions for delivery as a shared service over Cloud requires specific considerations.

IMS enterprise reservation software arcitecture was designed originally over a decade ago to work as a Service Oriented Architecture, Software-as-a-Service, and Cloud Computing paradigm.

The Portal or Multi-tenancy capabilities of IMS Enterprise software, enables multiple independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, which can be installed either on a single server or across a cluster of them. The main instance is logically partitioned such that it will appear to each tenant that they are accessing a completely separate instance of IMS Voyager Enterprise.

It is designed as a multi-tenant platform on a software-as-a-service basis resulting in significant cost reductions. A tenant is any application — either inside or outside the enterprise — that needs its own secure and exclusive virtual computing environment. This environment can encompass all or some select layers of enterprise architecture, from storage to user interface.


IMS ENTERPRISE OTA SaaS delivers rapid deployment, no hardware headaches, easy maintenance, and regular release of new features that will never catch you by surprise or disrupt your business. The streamlined architecture allows IT departments to focus on the future of commerce rather than wasting resources on legacy systems.


With IMS Enterprise you are also able to purchase the complete source code under our reseller and white label OEM style agreements. We install on your web server, etc. Training, maintenance and update support is available.


ODIN Enterprise reservation software follows an open architecture and allows interoperability. The architecture does not facilitate technology locking. The system is open to allow interoperability with general-purpose software and have facility to Export/Import data files from other applications and interact with other applications as mentioned earlier.


IMS Enterprise is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) allowing clients to establish a flexible, robust infrastructure so the clients can build, deploy and integrate services, independent of applications and the computing platforms on which they run, making the business processes more flexible

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