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Integrated eCommerce as a Reservation Software Feature

Ecommerce POS with your reservation software

NOW your visitors can now purchase products also from your web site in the comfort of their own home as they make their reservations online.

The IMScart’ eCommerce module is standard with the Voyager Hotel Reservation System, Tour Desk Reservation System, Rental Reservation System and Voyager TRANSIT. You can sell not only to your direct visitors at your kiosks or front desks, etc., but online to the world. Sell those unique items popular at your location.

Also sell gift certificates online. Make your reservation business stand out.

Keep your website busy 24/7.

The IMS eCommerce module contains IMScart a subset of our powerful IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway®. With its advanced MOS® architecture, powerful browser based storefront and administration you can manage your eBusiness from any computer connected to the Internet! From your home, at work or on vacation.

  • Incorporates flexible technology infrastructure to allow for rapid response to change.
  • Customer-centric fulfillment and channel management with enhanced individual customer pricing.
  • Technology for establishing channel management strategies.
  • Establish individual or micro-level pricing for groups of customers.
  • Dynamically driven website that is easy to administer and doesn’t restrict you to canned templates
  • Easy web content management that enables anyone to update and manage their online storefront with ease
  • Automated customer communication on order status and secure login allows customers to check their account and order status, while reducing call volume and increasing total customer service
  • Configurable products, cross-sell and up-sell, offer promotions, and redeem coupons
  • Selling online, as in a brick’s & mortar location is hard work! ECommerce software built on older platforms with older technologies promising easy sales just do not cut it in today’s business environment.

IMScart® is designed to simplify the process of organizing, building and maintaining an electronic gift shop on the Web as an integrated part of your online IMS Voyager reservation system.

The capabilities of a the e-commerce module are a standard feature for your IMS reservation system and give your customers a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big online stores at a fraction of the price.

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