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ODIN HERMES eCommerce Software

IMScart Multi-Tenant Cloud Technology

Designed to simplify the process of organizing, building and maintaining an electronic storefront, eBusiness or multi-channel business model on the Web and allow collaborative co-operation between your resellers, suppliers and consumers.

ODIN HERMES IMScart a Multi Channel Customer Experience – One Stop Travelers Choice™

Energize your Distribution and Dealer Channel – The Internet is reducing your traditional retailer’s ability to influence purchasing behavior by presenting customers with less reason to visit local stores and upending the traditional value proposition offered to your consumers.

If you wish to be successful in implementing the fundamental changes necessary to remain competitive and take advantage of the Web, not only by selling from your own websites but by empowering your existing dealers/distributors’ websites.

  • Fully integrated modules and features.. designed and written by us!
  • A true “mix and match” software system built on open technologies!
  • Ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors!
  • It is designed as a multi-tenant platform to create turnkey ecommerce websites quickly for your vendors, distributors, partners, and affiliates.

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IMSCART ecommerce

hermes ecommerce

Mobile reservation ticketing System

A complete multi-tenant e-commerce and merchandising system!

ODIN Voyager Enterprise Reservation System

IMScart ecommerce and Merchandising Gateway with web connected Channelpartners, (Remote eCommerce Storefronts).

The software provides a complete net-based platform of business-to-business (B2B), dealer or reseller integration connectivity for small to medium-sized business, enterprises and e-marketplaces.

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Reservation Software

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The Open Distribution Integrated Network – ‘ODIN’ was been designed for all tourism and travel operators, reservation and distribution companies to increase reservations, financial returns and market coverage with cost effective solutions developed to meet the growing demand for cloud-based, secure reservation & ticketing schemes, which can open up lower cost smart ticketing to a wider market.

Responsive reservation Software

Reservation & Ticketing Software

Check Out Our Reservation & Ticketing Software White Label Solutions!

This is a software that really needs a personal demo to discuss and show you all about the features and how it can revolutionize your business!

  • ODIN Voyager is robust, mature and scalable!
  • A truly modular “mix and match” reservation & ticketing software!
  • Multi-tenant Reservations & Ticketing with online marketing capabilities
  • Also manage multiple Reservations & Ticketing websites across multiple brands
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