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REZLINX® DistribuLinx®

IMS REZLINX DistribuLinx – for Distribution Strategies – Empowering your Business-2-Business Business™

DistribuLinx®, is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch.

It is fully scalable and easily configurable.

It provides travel organizations & Web Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers.

For suppliers, DistribuLinx, enables them to expose their Inventory System / CRS as OTA compliant Web Services in a cost effective and secure manner giving them a wider reach.

IMS DistribuLinx® is part of the REZLINX subsystems and applies business rules and real time database interconnection links between multiple resellers with MultiLinx & RezTxfer applications, warehouses and a master manufacturer’s or Distributors Channel Partner application.

Additionally, it can support other standards with minimal customization.

IMS Enterprise was designed using our new knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS), “Distributed Cooperation” for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed channel solutions.

Assisting multi-channel operations in shared ownership of traffic, purchase revenue, merchandising and content among independent business websites.

Our business consultants will be pleased to discuss your particular business needs and work with you to generate a cost effective solution for your channel requirements.

*REZLINX & DistribuLinx are registered trademarks of Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. Feb 1st 2002

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