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RezLinx® and RezTXfer® Access to ODIN Reservation Portal Software

Sell directly via multiple websites from a single database with the ODIN Reservation Portal Software RezTXfer® within your central booking and reservation e-distribution centre.

Need other websites to share a single ODIN database?

Then the IMS RezTXfer Portlet is a completely web-based software solution.

With the RezTXfer portlet, added to your ODIN Enterprise system, client websites can dynamically retrieve data as needed, just as if there were a persistent server connection.

The RezTXfer Application Portlet uses an HTML IFrame (inline frame) XML/RPC tags to display Enterprise database applications.

A browser downloads a page from the client website and because the page has a frame or IFrame referring to the control portlet, the browser also downloads the control from the Enterprise Voyager Web server.

This means the application is accessible, scalable, reliable, and expandable. The growing capabilities of Internet browsers and the power of servers mean your application is easily accessible regardless of where you are.

Each of your licensed customers will have to incorporate a snippet of HTML + code, which will then load its booking data directly from the master Enterprise database to add power to your network.

Scalable to fit virtually any size chain, this powerful application delivers the features and benefits that allow it to continually outperform any other product of its type in the market. ODIN Reservation Software systems can be managed and accessed from anywhere in the world.

DistribuLinx®, is an OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant XML web services based Reservation Data Exchange Switch.

It is fully scalable and easily configurable.

It provides travel organizations & Web Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consumes XML or any form of online data from suppliers.

For suppliers, DistribuLinx enables them to expose their Inventory System / CRS as OTA compliant Web Services in a cost-effective and secure manner giving them a wider reach.

ODIN DistribuLinx® is part of the ODIN REZLINX subsystems.

This sub-system applies business rules and real-time database interconnection links between multiple resellers with MultiLinx & RezTxfer applications, warehouses and a master manufacturer’s or Distributors Channel Partner application.

Additionally, it can support other standards with minimal customization.

ODIN was designed using our new knowledge-based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS), “Distributed Cooperation” for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed channel solutions.

Assisting multi-channel operations in shared ownership of traffic, purchase revenue, merchandising and content among independent business websites.

Our business consultants will be pleased to discuss your particular business needs and work with you to generate a cost-effective solution for your channel requirements.

*REZLINX, MultiLinx, RezervLinx, Reztxfer & DistribuLinx are registered trademarks of Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. Feb 1st 2002

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