Digital Cart Parking

Digital Cart Parking® (DCP) A Convenient Choice™

IMS Voyager® TRANSIT® and IMScart® includes our proprietary Digital Cart Parking® system.

Survey’s has shown that approximately (61%) of shoppers changed their minds and discarded their checkout contents and (47%) wanted to save items for later purchase but had no option to do so.

With the development and addition of Digital Cart Parking® your potential purchaser and guests may park their digital cart checkout for up to 30 days merely by choosing that option..

  • Next time the guest visits your website they are are reminded that their parked checkout is available.
  • Reminder notices and other up-selling techniques are available for converting that parked reservation into a sale.
  • The actual product/room/tour or items are not pulled out of inventory until the reservation, purchase or checkout process is completed.

Merchandising is key to the success of all stores and IMS Voyager® has the capability to implement a variety of programs that will increase your sales.

The flexible nature of IMS Voyager® allows it to be seamlessly integrated with many of the leading providers of secure payment gateways, supports most major shipper API’s and shipping tools and can be installed on a wide variety of platforms.

Digital Cart Parking® is a registered trademark of Internet Merchandising Systems Inc. June 1st 2003

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