ODIN Enterprise provides a robust suite of integrated product modules that are essential to the effective management of a Destination Management Company (DMC) in today’s highly competitive online marketplace.

The system is designed for all sizes of organizations and allows the DMC to offer valuable reservation and customer relationship management services for all sectors of the tourism industry.

Open Distribution Integrated Network – ‘ODIN’ is the IMS Voyager Enterprise System with ALL Voyager reservation & ticketing modules and features integrated. It is a Destination Management Operators Reservations & Ticketing System that has been designed for all tourism and travel operators, suppliers, sales channels, reservation, event ticketing and distribution companies providing a range of communication and distribution features, to reduce advertising and distribution costs, increase reservations, financial returns and market coverage with cost effective solutions.

It enables its users to develop and operate a destination-wide and integrated search, advice and reservation system. At a macro-economic level, ODIN Enterprise can help entire countries diversifying their supply and its territorial distribution, but also communicating with a more autonomous and mature demand that does not look for package tours from traditional intermediaries.

ODIN Enterprise also helps Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMO) promote their destination, increasing visits from tourists and business travellers. Many Convention and Visitor bureaus use ODIN to deliver a strategic, visitor-centered approach to the economic and cultural development of their region.

ODIN Enterprise also contribute for a higher cohesion inside the destination and, consequently, to a more coordinated promotion of the destination. Secondly, it provides small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, usually marginal in the global market, a direct and effective presence/distribution through the destination portals provided by ODIN Enterprise or its Voyager sub-modules, diminishing their dependence on intermediaries.