Departure Control System

IMS – DCS (Departure Control System) is part of the Odin Voyager Reservation & Ticketing System

The IMS – DCS is a powerful local Departure Control System, providing an integrated passenger handling service for small to medium sized ferry, bus, tour and other transit passenger type operations.

As part of the Odin Voyager reservation and ticketing system it simplifies the entire check-in process from start to finish by requiring only a computer and an Internet connection. The user-friendly interface makes IMS – DCS simple to learn and dramatically reduce the training costs. Its integrated productivity features and real-time processing keeps passenger service running as smoothly as possible.

IMS – DCS can assist its users in delivering rapid, cost-effective automated check-in and boarding as part of the Odin Voyager reservation and ticketing system.

Ideal for low-cost carriers, charter operations and point-to-point operators including ground tour and shuttle operators.

It supports real-time passenger validation for improved on-time performance with its support of a full range of devices for reading boarding passes including handheld scanners, boarding gate readers and self boarding gates.

IMS – DCS as part of the Odin Voyager Reservation ticketing system uses commodity hardware for printers and barcode scanners, which cost much less than specialized hardware. Sales agents can print boarding passes to any supported printer.

Sales agents can also scan barcodes on the boarding passes which update the IMS – DCS Odin Voyager system as passengers arrive at the gate to be processed for their equipment boarding. Passengers may only board if the IMS – DCS matches the passenger to the appropriate tour or trip.

This eases and speeds up the customer check-in process, not only for transit operations but also can be used to improve entry flow when used with the ODIN Voyager PATRON event ticketing system module.

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