Customer Relationship Management CRM

The ODIN Customer Relationship Management CRM customer profile feature suite enables tourism, transit and hospitality businesses to effectively manage their enquiries, reservations, loyalty rewards, coupon promotion’s, secure transactions, newsletters, email marketing and so much more.

The ODIN CRM includes a customer profile section that is shared between the entire ODIN Voyager modules and stores every reservation, event booking, tours, trips, notes and transactions forever.

When a repeat customer makes a new reservation, the information from their profile is displayed and automatically loaded into the new reservation. A Customer Loyalty Rewards Module is also available.

The customer profile information is kept separate from reservation history, so when a customer books a few times, ODIN stores only one customer profile record, with the entire reservation records linked to it. All the information is stored in the ODIN Voyager database and accessible by all ODIN modules and features.

Provide your organization with a unified customer data view for enhanced customer service and customer marketing intelligence.

Manage preferences, related passengers, order history, frequent traveler programs, membership levels and more.

Manage travel partners, consortia, groups and other organizations within a unified data environment. Streamline and improve business process flows with an integrated workflow engine.

Intelligently market to your customers and prospects using customer data.

Feature your tours/products as a tab on your Facebook page

Use RezLinx to easily feature your products on your partners’ websites

Allow your partners to build advanced integration with your product data using our XML API

Launch your own affiliate network

With ODIN Voyager you have a fully integrated system that allows you to set up a variety of commission and payment related access points for your travel agents and third-party resellers of your products.

Unified Customer View

Whether you are an independent operator or group, or chain, you can improve your customer relationships and market more effectively to them through a unified customer view.

Capture preferences and use them in the reservation and room assignment process. Provide your reservations specialists and call center agents with key customer data, travel preference, related customers, membership, and past stay information. Offers and specials are stored with customer profiles, providing enhanced access and response capabilities.

Instant Confirmation – Immediately “Close the Deal”
The system generates instant confirmation for reservations, modifications and cancellations, which is automatically sent to customer’s email, administration, hotel/tour operator and travel agents. Instant confirmations enable travel agents to immediately “close the sale” thereby reducing the risk of guest’s shopping around, besides reducing expenses on fax or phone confirmations of all reservation activities.

Empower Your Website
Empowers your website, as a virtual office, to capture reservation enquiries. Website visitors have access to your rates and availability information as will all authorized travel agents, thereby encouraging them to make reservations immediately online.

Your associated travel agents do not need to manually maintain all their contracted rates and inventory, as the latest update is available in the system and can be viewed by any designated reservation staff, at any time, in a real-time manner (online). Thus, reservation inquiries can be responded to promptly, cost effectively while increasing your reservation volumes.

Put Your Booking Icon Your Resellers Desktop Easy access equals more sales! Place your booking ICON right on the resellers desktop. Your products are right at their finger tips when it matters most – during the sales process.

Affiliate System

The IMS eAffiliate module further expands your marketing opportunities on-line allowing you to build a complete affiliate program based on Pay per Sale for your products and reservation items.

Included as standard with ODIN Voyager, this module seamlessly integrates within your website. Its flexibility allows you to further customize and tailor hybrid partnerships that promote brand loyalty with super affiliates and travel websites.

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