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Configurable Search Boxes & Template Files used to Change ‘Look & Feel’

IMS Voyager uses HTML & CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), PHP as the programming language and MySQL as a primary database.

Whether you design for mobile devices as a primary target or as a nice extra, you can use the power of CSS to ensure that the same content can be accessed across all hardware platforms, from mobile phones to wide-screen high-resolution displays.

Most designers today are choosing responsive design. Not only because it’s cheaper and easier, but because it’s so much more efficient to create one design that adjusts to different screen sizes than to create many designs optimized for all the different phones that exist now, as well as all of the new phones and devices that will come out in the future.

The system templates include a number of customizable search boxes integrated with the various modules as shown.

Although delivered in generic greyscale, the Java/Ajax/CSS search box code can be changed to fit within your required themes.

The following Configurable Template files can be changed/moved/replaced (also ODIN Voyager makes extensive use of .CSS style sheets) to reflect template and operational changes. Anybody with HTML/CSS and PHP knowledge can make changes to the files and adjust the look and feel.

IMS CMS templates consist of 8 movable areas that can be moved/relocated on pages as required:

There are various ways to integrate IMS:


If you do not yet have a website you can use IMS with its powerful CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to add pages to the top, left, right and/or bottom navigation as shown.


If IMS is installed in a sub-folder you are able to copy all your styles and navigation to the files mentioned above to ensure a seamless integration, or we can perform that task for you.


The RezTXfer Application Portlet uses an HTML IFrame (inline frame) XML/RPC tags to display Enterprise database applications. (Similar to many SaaS providers)


We have available a number of API’s, one of which is Open Travel Association (OTA) compatible. This allows your web designers to build a website around the API.

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