Complex inventory management for smart city reservation and ticketing systems


ODIN empowers users to create, price, allocate and modify inventory in real-time with its integrated real time inventory management system.

ODIN enables management of information in real time; reservations, dynamic pricing, inventory availability and related ancillary services with integrated processing of sales through the web.

Thereby creating a complete distribution management system that offers control over how products and services are offered and sold. Online shoppers are able to check available inventory and complete a reservation online making the experience more efficient and less time consuming.

To this foundation, we added user defined item level occupancy and pricing control, event, category and item level fee assignment, in-depth discount calculation and application, and online credit card transaction processing.

Dynamic item level pricing based on user defined business rules and configuration. Multi-tier inventory management, dimensional pricing, user defined business rules, fees, discounts, and much, much more.

Further, within the integrated rental module, you are able to define rental prices at category, subcategory, or even single product level. Also, set rental pricing for different seasons and switch between them with a few clicks

Event creation is simplified through templates and the ability to clone entire events, categories or individual items.

ODIN’s inventory and distribution capability successfully integrates all the features needed by travel distributors, for all travel services: ODIN is ideal for tour operators that design and build their own packages (holidays, tours, city breaks, trips etc.), and resell other services and packages from third party tour operators – and who require a way to manage availability, inventory, and prices.

ODIN is entirely roles and permissions based allowing you to define authorities and access at the individual user level.

Passenger Inventory Management
It provides the key functionality for reservations and inventory control, trip and schedule management, in conjunction with associated pricing, ticketing and check-in.

ODIN Reservations can manage bookings made at local and partner sales offices, through travel distributors, and online sites.

ODIN TRANSIT Voyager Passenger Management and Distribution offers the most comprehensive range of passenger management services available.

Its infrastructure is built on a flexible platform of core system features required by every transit company, including reservations, ticketing, inventory, check-in, departure control and weight and balance.

It is a modular software suite for reservation and multi-channel ticket distribution.

The system handles multi-segment and multi-stopover passenger transport services, with or without reservation including sales of additional on-board services and after-sales operations of previously created bookings.

ODIN supports many major ticketing strategies and methods of passenger transportation, such as, no-sale-block adjustment, ticket pre-allocation, inventory sharing as well as inventory re-use.

Accommodation, transport, transfer and additional services can be chosen for custom packages, based on the links, rules and restrictions that you set up. You can model the dynamic packages on the fly, by adding or removing restrictions among services while on sale.

You are able to join services statically, under fixed, predefined packages or dynamically create packages by linking different travel services.

As well, it supports you in all your task management: from prices by product and product type to load factor to dates and other factors. Moreover, it also lets you buy and sell live inventory across multiple channels – and take advantage of your purchasing power and distribute through your preferred channels.

Passenger Management and Distribution
ODIN Passenger Management and Distribution includes technologies to optimize your customer service – including online, kiosk and mobile applications, self-service booking, shopping solutions, merchandising and loyalty programs.

It also features an interface for third-party distribution, enabling you to work seamlessly with all your partners.

A solution that updates inventory across all channels as transactions happen.

It also supports multichannel order management and multichannel distribution.

With the modular integration capabilities are loading, you are able to centralize all of your different sales channels and websites. They provide you a unified view of all of your orders, despite their origin or order type.

Today’s tourism market represents the ideal sector in which ODIN’s smart solutions can be implemented. From the notion of a ‘Smart City’ we move on to its derivate – ‘Smart Tourism’ and ‘Smart Destination’.

The capability of ODIN to integrate on a modular basis, many facets of a city’s reservation and ticketing requirements, ranging from passenger transport, accommodation, rentals, parking and activity related endeavours, allows it to cover most destination based multiple passenger and tourism activities.

It’s multi-tenant, multisite capabilities provides your distributors the power to engage their customers with your packaged vacation products— effectively maximizing your overall profitability and expanding your online reach. Create your own online destination marketplace, allowing vendors and partners to manage their own travel products on your Reservations & Ticketing websites.