IMS client-driven technology additions for 2018

There are so many technology trends for 2018, it’s difficult to decide in which direction and which of these trends to follow. So, we do what we always do. We let our resellers and clients decide.

We just add the latest technologies and advances to our existing system to cater to their needs.

As always, feature and product development are customer driven.

Because in 2018, they are telling us that their users have more important things to do than browse and make bookings, print tickets and wait in line to show their tickets, etc.

Users are beginning to embrace the new retail experiences of using algorithms and smart devices to automate the searching, negotiating, purchasing and taking delivery of their order or tickets.

They want to use their voice or at the very least one-touch order to automatically take care of business for them.

Due to many of the powerful pre-existing features within the ODIN system, we are able to easily add and integrate voice recognition systems, biometrics, smart devices as required to assist our resellers and their clients.

Following are a few areas that have been deemed important.

Smart ticketing using mobile phones, barcode and smart cards

A number of the trends in ticketing can be seen as moving from magnetic to contactless transactions. Also, from cash to smart payments from mono-application to and including multi-application devices.

This not only impacts the client’s infrastructure itself but one has to be aware of the impact on payment evasion utilizing newer technologies.

Mobile Ticketing & Fare Collection

We will be working this year on further integrating a variety of mobile ticketing solutions into the software. These are primarily at the request of a number of a larger white label OEM system providers using our software as the basis for their mobile ticketing systems.

We are extending the number of hardware companies that we work with, who provide such hardware as optical readers and entry gates, etc., to our OEM’s. This enables our mobile ticketing to not only validate tickets but will also activate gates.

Verified client

One of the more serious issues facing mobile operators is the increasing threat of identity fraud. This can be, either during the customer enrolment process or fraudulent online financial transactions involving SIM swaps, etc.

This is not only damaging to a client’s brand reputation but also involves financial losses. As such, we will be looking at adding additional ID verification to our safe travels model to provide a more robust and secure customer enrolment solution.

Payments through facial recognition

Our safe travel technology integrated within the current system user profiles already uses and supports up to three biometric ID records.

As such, using next-gen biometric authentication, including iris scans and facial recognition, can be added to meet industry expectations for quick, effortless and secure mobile payment transactions using client biometrics on file within the ODIN system.

Digital passes

Digital passes using proximity-based technology for tap and go boarding for entrance to events.

These digital passes would replace traditional paper tickets. Built on the ODIN software platform and would use proximity-based digital technology to enable an easy to use ‘tap and go’ venue entry system.

Pay-as-you-go tickets

We will also be adding to our current prepaid, reward point and smart account capabilities.

This will be in addition to the already existing capability of being able to pay a deposit for your purchase and the balance in instalments before you travel, etc.

You will then receive your tickets or coupons, vouchers and digital passes once the final payment is made.

Mobile Wallets

We already support Apple while it and will be adding more wallet support as required.

For consumers, mobile wallets provide a convenient, “tap and go” frictionless commerce experience that seamlessly integrates loyalty cards, boarding passes, ID cards, coupons, event tickets, alerts and notifications.

For retailers, mobile wallets offer businesses the ability to engage users with an immersive, in-app experience that starts at the beginning of a retail journey and continues beyond, with notifications, reminders of upcoming expiration dates, archived digital receipts and a real-time tally of current loyalty bonus points.

Anti-scalping technology

Another major issue raised in by clients, particularly in the event ticketing market, is how to mitigate the purchase of large amounts of tickets using software bots.

These bots are a sophisticated software that makes it easy for brokers to bypass building primary and secondary ticket market security measures and purchase as many possible tickets to resell a higher market value by scalpers.

As part of our future additions using ID verification and biometrics, we will be researching and including upgraded and he bought technologies.


Designed with the latest web technologies, ODIN uses a strong and reliable HTML5 framework expanded with attractive CSS3 scripting style sheets.

We will also be adding more of the latest web technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, animate.css, Parallax Effect, Scrollbar Plugin and so on.

iOS & Android Apps

The Odin system already provides a powerful platform for mobile operations. The basic system is created with responsive templates that automatically get out according to the devices accessing the system.

We have created mobile IRS and Android applications for a number of white label clients. Due to the powerful backend support, such apps are typically hybrid apps.

With access to a large number of generic wireframes already created, and developers are able to quickly implement iOS and Android apps according to client’s development specifications.

Cryptocurrency Support

Our software supports most of the major credit card gateways and we are able to add less well-known gateways according to customer requirements.

A number of clients and potential clients have been requesting that we provide support for a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency API’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Blockchain, etc.

We will be adding the appropriate API gateways for individual cryptocurrency support as requested by individual clients.


The above features as previously mentioned, are the most requested additions compiled from our White label client requests. These are being handled by the client development group.

Product development for 2018 will encompass integrating newer software technologies, in particular, building out our network and API access to the ODIN system.

This ranges from scalability to enhancements in database access and also the introduction of certain elements regarding artificial intelligence to automate a number of tasks in the administrative backend.

Also, we will be looking at adding artificial intelligence in the form of voice requests to perform searches and make bookings. For this particular endeavour, we are working with a number of companies already active in the voice systems market.

As always, feature and product development are customer driven.