Charter Booking System
Charter Reservation Software

One of the many lesser-known features of IMS Voyager is its Charter Booking Engine.

Clients who have purchased the tour, shuttle, transit or rental modules also obtain the fully integrated charter inquiry and booking engine.

Many operators have equipment available for specific tour times, departures and rental periods, but often search for charter clients who would occupy equipment, etc., for specific periods.

The integrated charter booking office readily assists operators in receiving online inquiries providing a customized response and automatically accepting a booking.

A complete booking process is supported from inquiries through offer generation..

The powerful offer generation system makes it easy to create and send an offer, as the entire process is automated, saving up a lot of your time and creating better booking conversion rates.

The system also has the ability to display your quoted, accepted, declined and a conversion rate percentage by period. All these capabilities are in addition to the fully featured modules that the client has purchased, such as, tour, transit, rental, shuttle, etc. etc.


Flexible communication and newsletter modules give you all the tools you need to stay in touch with your clients and partners. You can easily manage your mailing lists, create templates and send emails with minimum hassle.

Real-time inventory control of your regular departure seating and charter bookings is all part of the complete Voyager system.

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