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Point of Sale Cash Register Functions

Point of Sale Cash Register Functions are standard add-ons to the ecommerce section to provide ‘Cash Register’ functions for online sales staff and admin.

Quick and Easy Point of Sale Processing – Help customers at the point of sale, ring up sales online, add discounts, look-up items, find customers and process payments simply and quickly.

Inventory Management – Eliminate time-consuming paper-based tracking, reduce errors and remember to re-order stock when it’s running low instead of when you run out.

Customer Management – Enhance customer service and relationships by enabling you to access purchase histories and assign automatic discounts to your preferred customers.

Access Management – Assign employees different levels of access to help protect sensitive information and manage employees more effectively, so you don’t have to be in-store all the time.

Reporting – Boost your business planning capabilities so you can stay on top of your business better.

Point of Sale Cash Register Functions

Features include:

  • Customizable Point Of Sale display
  • Touch-screen and mobile device friendly
  • Inventory management including low inventory notifications
  • Automatic product information lookup include pictures
  • Barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer and credit card reader support (client provided)
  • Tight integration with the reservation system allowing charges to guests’ orders
  • Easily process a return with receipt barcode scanning
  • Credit card processing and flexible payment options
  • Full reporting capability
  • Online access anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited users and terminals

And so much more….

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