Business META Rule Engine

BPM (Business Process Management) and a BRM (Business Rules Management)

IMS Voyager Reservation Software incorporates a powerful ‘Business Meta Rule Engine’ that empowers users to rapidly implement more complex business processes.


Business Meta Rule Engine

Business rules are reusable objects that can be embedded within your workflow to conditionally control how they should run and behave in various conditions.

IMS Meta Rule engine is configurable and support rules, facts, priority (score), mutual exclusion, preconditions, and other functions to track, manage and revise enterprise reservation business processes.

IMS Voyager reservation software has an architecture that employs a business rule engine to establish the integration between a BPM (Business Process Management) and a BRM (Business Rules Management) platform that is based upon processes responding to events or examining business judgments that are defined by editable business rules.

At the same time, this comprehensive set of rules and templates deliver out-of-the-box support for many product features and business concepts.

IMS ENTERPRISE is a future generation extensible software using PHP and MySQL and assembled using our knowledge based ‘Multi-Objective Optimization Schema’ (MOS®) methodology for deriving widespread non-dominated distributed channel scalable solutions.

As such, after a detailed study of co-operative distributed business environments our objective was to design and realize a reservation and ecommerce software architecture that would enable any business to readily execute distributed and co-operative ecommerce on the Internet using a variety of modular applications and rules.

Advantages of Rule Engines

Revenue management with configurable and editable rules adds a set of advantages to your applications:

Greater flexibility: keeping your rules in an internal business rule engine knowledge base let you adapt easily your decisions when they are changing.

Easier to grasp: Rules are easier to understand than procedural code so they can be effectively used to bridge the gap between business analyst and developers.

Reduced complexity: When embedding lots of decision points to your procedural codes it can easily turn your website application into a nightmare. IMS provides hundreds of rules as standard to better handle increasing complexity because it uses a consistent representation of business rules.

Reusability: By keeping rules in one place it leads to a greater reusability of business rules.

The flexible rules-based booking engine can be configured to support virtually any type of reservation. It comprises hundreds of editable and configurable rules as standard.

It also provides variable based Templates which contains generic pre-defined rules based on the module or modules integrated.

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