Business META Rule Engine

BPM (Business Process Management) and a BRM (Business Rules Management)

RezervLinx TRANSIT Voyager Reservation Software incorporates a powerful ‘Business Meta Rule Engine’ that empowers users to rapidly implement more complex business processes as part of its overall decision support system.

Part of this allows customers not only to book in advance but also presents prices in a way that allows customers to see the variation of prices across different sailings, therefore providing them with the means and incentives to book on less busy sailings, etc.

In so doing, it allows transit companies to achieve better equipment capacity utilization and in addition, provide the analytical capabilities necessary to control yield and capacity effectively through failures, seat, and deck space allocation on a departure-by-departure basis.

The business rule engine has hundreds of rules included as standard and includes certain configurable and automated interfaces with the booking system. It provides enhanced functionality such as bulk or group travel bookings, travel agent bookings, online gift shop integration, dynamic seat selection, vacation, accommodation, activities booking, vacation packaging, support for multiple onboard restaurants or food selection and many other enhancements that can be seen on our main website.

The rules engine also engages and can control the behavior of the booking, ticketing and checking system for online reservations and ticketing point-of-sale systems. It controls and has rules for customer relationship management that includes a single customer profile, rewards programs and so much more.

Integrated support for gift cards, vouchers, incentive cards and multiple payment gateways with support for evolving safety and security requirements, while maintaining or enhancing the customer experience.

Hundreds of rules hundreds of solutions as standard and more easily added as configurable options.