Booking Engine XML API’s

XML API and Other XML Integration Feeds

Integrate “Smart City” datasets

Provide customized ‘web services’ with the ability to access information in the inventory for the given period (total number of seats, number of booked seats, number of available seats) information about hotels/rooms (hotel name, rating, image URLs, prices) also search for tours and transit data using keyword and destination codes.

With ODIN we also can provide web Services using SOAP, REST, and JSON with Web Services covering the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI).

IMS Voyager Tour & Transit XML API

You are able to obtain information from IMS Voyager Tour & Transit database in XML format;
– Perform remote booking using your own website or any other application;
– insert/update IMS Voyager Tour & Transit inventory;
– Obtain detailed information in XML format about tours and transit in the IMS Voyager Tour & Transit system .

IMS customers are able to build the IMS Voyager Booking Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications.

This can be set up for suppliers, vendors or resellers.

The use of the ‘API’s’ requires an experienced programmer proficient in HTML design and coding techniques or we can provide the necessary assistance. Specifically, it is written to use the PHP modules that we support in IMS Voyager Hotel Enterprise, Tour & Transit.

IMS customers are able to build the IMS ODIN Engine XML API ‘s into their web, mobile, or even network capable desktop or server applications, also use Smart city datasets via API..

Third Party XML or API’s

More travel products (hotels, transfers, insurance, cars, tourism activities) can be connected to your system to increase brand loyalty for returning travellers.  As a result, it became possible to book integrated travel offers as part of the dynamic package as well as individual travel products.

We also can integrate third party suppliers, such as, Amtrak, Booking.com XML and other XML feeds, like WTC, Expedia, etc, into your IMS ODIN Voyager search results, (you need to be an authorized booking.com or affiliate of the feed you require).

For us to install their API’s, you must be an Amtrak, booking.com, WTC, Expedia, third party, etc, affiliate and also require their approval for the XML integration.

We also are able to integrate other published XML feeds or you can set up your own feed.

The XML implementation offers you complete creative control in presenting online related content on your website using our software and your affiliate partnerships.

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