Boarding Pass

Web Check-In & Print Boarding Pass

Self-Print Boarding Pass service – the latest innovation to help simplify the travel experience for your passengers.

Offer More Options When Checking In Online with IMS Voyager to Your Customers.

With the increased security at ferry terminals, stations and other boarding platforms today, anything that can save time would be a big help.

With the Boarding pass and ticket feature, your clients have more options than ever for retrieving and printing a boarding pass!…

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  • Print – choose to print their boarding pass from home, the office or anywhere they have an internet connection and a printer.
  • Email for Print – choose to have their boarding pass sent to their email account via a PDF attachment. Then print the boarding pass at their leisure.
  • Email use on Cell Phone or other Mobile Device – choose to have their boarding pass sent to a mobile device.
  • Set up a boarding pass kiosk or printing station.

Become more efficient and encourage your guests and travelers to confirm their tours and trips plus print boarding passes in advance.

Online self print or kiosk stations will enable your guests and travelers to quickly access your website, select a tour or trip, confirm reservations, check-in and print their boarding passes.

Boarding passes are easily changed templates in our software, so they can be changed to look however you want.

Save money by not paying ticket commissions to third parties and create more profits with the integrated easy-to-use web based Barcode Ticket printing and Scanning solution.

With the the fully integrated Patron Online Ticket Desk Software you add an affordable and easy-to-use web based Barcode Ticket printing (using our Print@MyPC® technology), card swiping and Scanning solutions to the reservation system for your events, venues, tours and cruises, etc.

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