Barcode Scanner Support

Bar Code Validation

Any PC based fixed/mobile computer with built in or attached scanner which will access the web via any onboard Wi-Fi / Internet connected system on the ferry, bus or your land based ticket office.

You are able to:

  • -Log in to the website
  • -Enter the tour/route
  • -Now able to scan tickets
  • -If the ticket is not valid then the screen can say something like “Invalid ticket”
  • -If the ticket is good then display the number of passengers associated with that ticket number and a valid response.

On the web-page there is a single text field to place scanned bar code there as per your requirements, then after that the IMS system will analyze this code and display message: ‘Valid or Not Valid’. (Or any other suitable message you wish displayed)

The scanner will input the decoded bar code as text in any field. It acts as a “keyboard wedge” so anywhere you have a cursor you can scan into that field. It is set to perform an Enter after the scan to trigger the lookup.

The page is a template page suitable for any other modifications to text/look & feel, etc..

You also have the choice of selecting a “Bar Code Validation (PocketPC-friendly version)” page for small screen device/mobile/portable.

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