Excess Baggage Options

Ability to specify by weight/volume

Any baggage your passengers wish to take with them which is more than the standard amount you set is called excess baggage.

The excess baggage options fee is determined according to the number of pieces of baggage or the weight of their baggage.

The system Administrator has the ability to control this feature and turn it on or off.

1. Ability to specify “baggage options” for each tour/transit.

“Max.weight for one passenger”/ “Max.volume for one passenger” allows to specify max.values, when additional charges will be applied.

Tables “Weight charges”/”Volume Charges” allows to set additional charges depending on the weight/volume specified for each passenger.

2. Front-end. Ability to specify weight/volume.

This feature available only for admin and sales agents.

3. Front-end. Information about weights/volumes and additional charges will be shown on the shopping cart/checkout pages.

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