Account based payments and ticketing

The future of account-based ticketing and payments in making major cities “smart cities” is the ability to provide a framework that allows multiple organizations to link their own cards or apps into a single, seamless system.

For example, activity providers, major venues and transit, are able to integrate to create a combined access, travel and in venue payment experience. This would allow smartcards, membership cards and other payment methods to be utilized across the city not only for transit but for entrance into venues, book activities, purchase from retailers all able to link up to the same system and utilize the same access and payment system.

The shift to open payments for online booking, reservations, ticketing and payments, like every other major technological change, has its own unique set of challenges and complications. One of the first issues to be considered is whether customers in a specific regional market have sufficient adoption rates of contactless EMV payment cards and NFC devices to benefit from an open payment scheme

The advantage by using Odin is that it supports the older barcode and paper ticket technology and also at the same time utilizes the modern mobile, smartcard account-based ticketing and open payments.

A further consideration for transport operators in particular, is how to transition to open payments. With Odin a well-managed transition to an open payments and account-based solution would include consideration at the initial design stage to allow for the open scheme to coexist alongside the existing close ticketing scheme using Odin as the bridge.

With Odin introducing a simple reader upgrade to support the new payments media can do this.

It is becoming increasingly clear, that the entire transit industry and smart city tourist ecosystems are part of a shift to enable more cost-efficient and easier ways for passengers to make reservations, issue tickets and also allow operators to process fare collections.