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Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software!

Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software!

Review & compare, how this modular Reservation System with Account & Event Based Ticketing Software can revolutionize your business!

ODIN is a Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing software loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a more flexible, feature rich, reservations, ticketing & fare collection system.

ODIN Reservation & Ticketing Software

  • Fully integrated activity reservations & ticketing modules and features!

  • Suitable for “Smart City” TRANSIT, ferry, bus, shuttle, tours, activities, rental, hotel and parking integrated operations!

  • Web or cloud based, multi-tenant, multi-site & mobile capable!

  • A true “mix and match” modular software system built on open technologies!

  • Value-based software pricing, only pay for the modules & features you need!

  • Available as MOTS client web server source code installation or cloud served MOTS/SaaS!

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ODIN Ticketing & Fare Collection Features

  • Ideal for ferry, bus, tour, hotel, activity, rental, event and attraction providers
  • “Intelligent Pricing” to enter special deals & non-standard prices
  • Handles commission percentages for travel agents and account holders
  • Integrated smart ticketing and departure control solutions
  • Add reservation ticketing to your website using PATRON, allowing customers to print at home, send to phone and manage their account.
  • Validate tickets with low-cost off the shelf devices such as iPhones or your existing hardware.

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ODIN modules can be used on individual websites or scaled up to be used in the creation of a Smart City digital market that can include multiple websites, open datasets and data from paid sources, where data services from different partners and vendors can be exposed, priced, monetized and consumed from within a single platform.

Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing Software!

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This is a Reservation & Ticketing Software that really needs a personal demo to discuss and show you all about the features and how it can revolutionize your business!

  • ODIN Reservation & Ticketing Software is robust, mature and scalable!
  • A truly modular “mix and match” reservation & ticketing software!
  • Reservations & Ticketing with all the features other software are missing!
  • Manage Reservations & Ticketing websites across multiple brands
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